Every lead is a potential customer, and they know it:

People coming from other websites

When to use:
This rule is highly effective for targeting people coming from partner websites where you run special promotions or marketing campaigns.

People that visit at least pages on your website

When to use:
Targeting people as soon as they enter your website can chase them away. The way to see a visitor's engagement is to look at the number of pages or articles he reads. The larger this number, the better the chances he will respond to your targeting.

Target people

When to use:
Targeting visitors only once will guarantee that they will interact with PadiAct only once, no matter how many times they will visit your website after the interaction.

People getting to your website through search engines

When to use:
Offer a different message based on the keyword your most visitors use to get to your website via search engines.
Please note that https Google searches cannot be identified.

People that view certain pages on your website

When to use:
A great rule to use if you want to target users only on certain pages or sections of your website. The more specific you are, the greater the chances for subscriptions.

People that are

When to use:
Returning visitors, compared to new visitors, have different behaviors and objectives when visiting your website. Target each group based on their interest.

People spending more than seconds on your website

When to use:
Don't ask a person to subscribe as soon as they enter your website. The more you delay it, the more he will learn about your website and will be inclined to say yes to your invitation.

Target logged in users

When to use:
Target visitors who are logged in to your website. In order for PadiAct to identify them, please set a cookie called _nrlskL with any value inside to all your logged in visitors.

Target people only when they scroll down %

When to use:
Target users when they are scrolling down a certain percentage of a page. Accepts values from 1 to 100.

Target people when they scroll down to the following page component id:

When to use:
Target people when they scroll down to a specific HTML element on your website (e.g. div ID for the comments or reviews area)

Target people based on their browser language

When to use:
Ask people to subscribe in their own language. Works great for websites that target international markets.

Target AdWords traffic

When to use:
Target users that come from paid AdWords campaigns.

People that visited your website in the past more than times

When to use:
Ask people to subscribe only after they visited the website at least a number of times.

Target direct traffic

When to use:
People that get directly to your website and not from other traffic sources

People that converted

When to use:
Please provide the URL of your conversion page. By adding this rule to your campaigns, only visitors that previously converted will be targeted.

Target based on marketing campaigns

When to use:
Target based on marketing campaigns defined with the Google Analytics utm parameters. Never defined a marketing campaign in Google Analytics? Here is how you can do it.

Target users based on their country

When to use:
Great to use when offering country based incentives for subscribing.


It all starts with targeting

Displaying a pop-up to visitors asking them for details the moment they enter the website is not the way to go. While it will increase the number of leads it will also turn visitors away, visitors that might otherwise become customers.

That's why we decided to invest into a powerful targeting engine where you get to decide who to interact with.

Asking for those details at a moment when the visitor is more likely to fill in his details will not only get you more leads, but, as our data shows, will increase the commitment.

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How many email leads can PadiAct get me?

PadiAct analyzes your website visitors' behavior details and, based on the history of other customers, estimates how many email leads can generate for you per month.
No data is copied or stored from your Google Analytics account. The connection is cancelled and lost when the session expires.

The message is crucial

Our experiments have shown that while a good targeting setup is going to convince your visitors to consider sharing their contact details, your message is going to be crucial in having them actually send you their email address.

The more customized the message and the more it answers the targeted visitors needs the higher your chances of starting a conversation via email.

Remember, PadiAct allows to customize the message for each segment of traffic that you choose to target.

Sending leads directly to your
CRM or Email Service Provider

What's most important is that once a lead is collected it gets directly into your flow for nurturing the leads.

You can use the leads in automated marketing programs or just have them contacted by your sales team.

Remember, once they fill in their details, the visitors expect to be contacted and start a business relationship with you.

Improve continuously

Reebok AB test won Gold Ribbon

Case Studies »

AB testing adds science to your targeting by allowing you to continuously test and improve any aspect of your campaigns.

Here is what you can ab test for maximizing your chances:

  • the right time for targeting
  • the message you present to your visitors
  • the design of your pop-ups or overlays
  • between pop-ups and sliding overlays

Support you say?

We provide support via email during working hours and we do our best to reply in less than an hour from our customers requests.

Curious about what can be achieved with PadiAct, beyond the interface? Check out our help section that covers:

  • integrated APIs and webhooks
  • advanced tracking capabilites
  • full customization of PadiAct actions

Want to see a preview of our product?

Check out the live demo we provide before needing to create a contact.
Also feel free to write to support@padiact.com if you have any questions.