Manage multiple client accounts

Increase the number of email or leads for your clients from the convenience of a single PadiAct account.

You can offer access to each of your clients to their own account setup.

Limited access for your clients

From your clients perspective, email addresses are collected by you, directly.You can use any of the email service providers integrations we offer without disclosing it to your clients.

Dedicated pricing and discounts

Depending on how many clients you manage you'll have access to discounts between 6% and 65%.

Feel free to bill your clients the regular fee or even add an extra service management fee.

Higher subscription rates

By asking to subscribe only those visitors that are most likely to, the success is guaranteed

More email subscribers than never

By targeting different segments of traffic with specific messages to each segment you don't leave cash on the table

Apply science to your subscription optimization efforts

A/B testing allows you to fine tune your campaign setup till you find the targeting that will bring the best subscription rate

Lower subscription acquisition costs

Getting an opt-in subscriber can cost you as little as $0.02. I dare you find another service or method that will gain you quality subscribers for such a low cost

Real time reporting

Find out how well PadiAct performs in a matter of minutes. Data about the number of subscribers also gets sent automatically to Google Analytics.

Takes a couple of minutes to setup

All you need to do is to add a small Javascript snippet to your website. You only need to add it once as it updates itself automatically.

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