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Libération, after 11 successful A/B Tests, testing out different targeting profiles, CTAs, subscription forms and form copies, managed to triple their subscription rate. Their campaign optimization initiative translated into an explosive growth in the last 2 months, as you can see in the graph on the right.

Campaign settings:

  • email addresses are collected via WebHooks
  • visitors are only targeted once
  • they exclude already subscribed visitors
  • visitors spend close to a minute reading the content before getting targeted

The subscription form



Since starting with PadiAct, we increased the total size of our email list by 28%. What’s more impressive is the acceleration we achieved since we started to A/B testing our forms.
– Marie Allain

The results

Successful A/B Tests: 11.

Increase in subscription rate: 3x.

Overall growth: Tens of thousands of new email subscribers collected using PadiAct.

Total email list size increase: +28%.