Instead of aggressively asking all your visitors to subscribe to your email lists, ask only the visitors that are most likely to. Target visitors based on type (new visitors vs returning visitors), recency, referrers, time spent on site, number of products viewed or articles read.
Decide what data you want to collect from your subscribers. Is it going to be only the email address or, for customized email campaigns, the name, birthday and mailing preferences? You can choose to send all the emails directly to your email lists under your email service provider account.
The better the incentive to subscribe, the more likely your visitors are to offer you their email address.
Pop-up style interactions do great when offering incentives for subscribing. Sliding overlays are well designed to interact in a friendly manner with your subscribers.
By targeting the right visitors, at the right moment and with the right message subscription rates can go way above 15%.
AB testing adds science to your targeting by allowing you to continuously test and improve any aspect of your campaigns
The code loads even faster than the Google Analytics tracking code. No hidden tracking gimmicks. We never know who your visitors are. You only add the code to your website once, no matter how many times you update your campaigns after.